Dr. Thomas Light
Dr Light
Dr Light is Mega Man's creator and also one of the most known names in the world of robotics.
Series Mega Man
First Appearance Mega Man (video game)
Gender Male
Species Human
Height 140 cm
Weight 75 kg
Age 56
Hair Color White
Eye Color Dark blue
Attire White lab coat,light blue collar shirt,red pants,blue spotted tie and dark brown shoes
Occupation Robotic engineer
Alignment Good

Doctor Thomas Light (トーマス・ライト, Tōmasu Raito) is a famous robotics engineer that is the world's number one authority in robotics.He has created many robots, but is most known for his creation of Mega Man,Roll and the others Robot Masters.





Character Data entryEdit

Character Picture Game Debut Description
Dr.Thomas Light


Mega Man

Nes (1987)

A famous robotics engineer and the creator of Megaman and Roll.He is considered the "father of robotics" due the creation anddeveloping of robots that aid in world peace,and also was Wily's classmate.When Wily start with his evil plans for world's domination,Dr.Light convert MegaMan into fighting robot to stop Wily's evil goal.He is a kindhearted and optimistic man who sincerely believes in a future where humans and robots live together in harmony.Light was amazed with Tails,Sonic's best friend,mechanicals skills and the two start to share a friendly mentor/pupil relantionship.


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