Proto Man
Proto Man is the first Robot Master created by Dr. Light.
Series Mega Man
First Appearance Mega Man 3
Gender Male
Species Robot Master
Creator Dr. Light
Serial Number DLN-000
Height 136 CM
Weight 110 KG
Age 13 years (Physically)
Hair Color Brown
Color Scheme Red and Grey
Eye Color Uknown(possibly blue likes Mega Man's)
Attire Dark grey bodysuit skin-tight with large red rounded coverings on the lower arms and leg,red helmet with white trim,yellow scarf,and a black visor
Occupation Combat Robot Master
Alignment Good

Proto Man, known as Blues (ブルース, Burūsu) is proto-type robot created by Dr. Light and is considered the "older brother" to Mega Man and Roll.Despite Proto Man supports Mega Man defeating Dr. Wily,he enjoys being alone and his own individuality.





Character Data entryEdit

Character Picture Game Debut Description
Proto Man


Mega Man 3

Nes (1990)

A proto-type robot that Dr. Light created before Mega Man and Roll.He was intended to become the first humanoid robot capable of independent thought and reasoning and built for the purpose of combat.But when Dr Light discover fatal defect in his energy system,he mysteriously disappear and was found and repaired by Dr Wily,who try utilizes Proto Man to help him in his plans for world domination.However his encounters with Mega Man for the first time,made him realizes the true nature of Dr. Wily and help Mega Man.Proto Man can have cold personality and like to be alone,but he always be there to help stop Wily's evil planes.When he meet and team up with Silver,its like he finally found a friend.


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